Giving Hope to Kids Fighting Cancer

Travel & Accommodations

  • Provide families the ability to make this journey to heal cancer together
  • Financial Support for Children and Families getting to and from treatment.
  • From airfare and lodging to gas and grocery gift cards
  • We do all we can to support families and make them as comfortable as possible

Emotional Support

  • Each child in our program receives a custom-made HOPE the Bear, with a personal recorded message from parents or friends to provide comfort during this trying time.
  • Mission Courage – program providing children with interactive art therapy sessions that allow them to express thier emotions and access their innate ‘hope-center’
  • Music Heals – musical instrumental lessons aide in stress relief


  • Active planning committee member at Cure Fest For Childhood Cancer in Washington, DC
  • Policy & advocacy activist on Capital Hill
  • Collaboration with college students in bringing awareness to the young adult community.

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