Cancer Coach – Jenny Mulks

Your Tour Guide In This Journey to Thrive Beyond Cancer

Jenny Mulks is the Founder and CEO of Along Comes Hope®, a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization serving families of children with cancer. She further supports the entire cancer community as a Cancer Coach since 2007, serving as a guide and mentor to patients and caregivers in their journey to heal and thrive! As a Coach, she provides both online courses and Circle of Hope Cancer Support, a virtual support group, guiding those facing any stage of cancer; newly diagnosed, in treatment, remission, and well into survivorship.

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Jenny’s online courses and personal coaching focus on ALL THINGS WELLNESS! She helps clients unite their mind and body to thrive no matter what challenge they face.

Jenny’s philosophy is to increase collaboration and communication within the Treatment Circle; practitioners, patients and caregivers. “Treating cancer is not just about the physical medicine it’s also about the ‘Mind Medicine’. As a patient, it’s our job to create the most stable and grounded emotional and mental environment that we will best thrive in! Being a part of the total Team empowers us to be an active participant in our outcomes. I’m here to support you in that journey”

This is a marathon not a sprint, so let’s align you; Mind, Body, Heart and Soul by joining the Circle of Hope Cancer Support, virtual membership group, today!!!

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