In the “Circle of Hope” Emotional Support Program

We focus on 4 Key Pillars of Care for optimal Wellness:

Educated, involved, supported and compliant Patient/Caregiver Teams work well in communication and interaction with their Practitioner Teams. This allows BOTH Patients and Caregivers to feel they have an active role versus no control or choice in their journey ahead. Remember, this journey is a marathon not a sprint, so let’s walk together to align you; Mind, Body, Heart and Soul!

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What is Circle of Hope Cancer Support?

Circle of Hope is a virtual support group inspiring courage, strength, humor and hope while guiding patients, caregivers and families touched by cancer to thrive beyond a diagnosis. Your life is more than this diagnosis. Every member is supported to move through your journey with grace, love, trust, openness and hope. You can be as vulnerable and interactive or anonymous and observant as you’d like. Your level of privacy and interaction us up to you but regardless, you’ll gain comfort, strength, resilience and empowerment of knowing you are supported & applying the new “Super Powers” you learn!

A few things you will learn

• Cancer Survivor to Can-serve-ivor
• De-stress from Distress
• Nutrition/Supplements
• Fitness/Movement/Yoga
• Meditation/Mantras

• Wellness
• Communication
• Mindset
• Surviving & Thriving
• Work & Life Balance

What does membership look like?

• Join us no matter where you are on your journey
• No contract; stay as long as you’d like
• ALL Welcome! Patients, Caregivers, Families…
• Get 2 memberships for the price of 1

• You can be anonymous or interactive
• Daily access to new information & resources
• Motivational text messages & reminders
• Monthly Membership *FREE to our Families*